Bradlee Dean calls south Mpls a "Third World Country" [AUDIO]

Bradlee Dean came to south Minneapolis last week to pick up some steak sauce with his wife and they were shocked by what they saw.

"My wife looked around at this particular area where these foreigners live, and these are people that are trying to implement their foreign law into America," Dean told his listeners. "My wife said: 'if I didn't know where we were at, I would think we were in a third-world country.'"

Dean seemed to agree with his wife, following up by saying the neighborhood was "run down. It was beaten down. It's probably crime-stricken and yet they want to come here and bring that God to this country to lower this standard? No no no."

The tracksuit-wearing homophobe closed his brief sermon with a question of those living in Third World south Minneapolis:

"If their God was God, then what are they doing in America? Listen to that one America because this is a Christian nation. Amen."

Can't argue with that. Kind of strange to travel from Annandale to Minneapolis for some steak sauce, though.

Here's the audio courtesy of Ken Avidor:

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