Bradlee Dean brags about rescuing young woman from boys, booze... and sports?

Bradlee Dean's latest fundraising missive brags about the role his ministry played in rescuing a young woman "from a life centered on alcohol, sports, jobs, boys, and studies."

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The Bluestem Prairie blog reports that the woman, referred to in the mailer as "Elizabeth," is Elizabeth Ilse (pictured above), who was quoted in one of our posts last year saying she views Dean as "speaking out about the core principles and values the [Republican] party supposedly believes in."

From the mailer:

Let me tell you about Elizabeth, one of our staffers. Less than two years ago, our You Can Run But You Cannot Hide ministry came to her college. Our message of Biblical and Constitutional truths intrigued her.

You see, only a month before, she had given her life to Christ, and had prayed that the Lord would rescue her from a life centered on alcohol, sports, jobs, boys, and studies.

And here was our ministry, speaking boldly, holding out a ray of hope -- not only for one's spiritual direction, but for real hope for America. Elizabeth has since joined our staff, and helps others like herself.

Can you help us reach more youth like Elizabeth?

The mailer also says Elizabeth was one of the Dean staffers who got smacked by an irate, bag-toting woman while his ministry was trying to fundraise outside a Florida gas station a few months ago.

So, would you rather spend your summer putting your physical wellbeing on the line while trying to raise money so Minnesota's foremost tracksuit-wearing homophobe can pay his rent and his legal bills (while keeping a nice chunk of change for himself), or would you rather chase tail while boozing it up out on the town? Call us hedonists, but that doesn't seem like a very tough call.

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