Bradlee Dean blasts MNGOP leadership, says party is run by "immoral people"

Bradlee Dean isn't taking the news that MNGOP leadership is demanding St. Cloud State Republicans cancel his scheduled on-campus appearance lying down.

Yesterday, on his radio show, Dean put the MNGOP on blast, saying that if he were a state Republican leader, he wouldn't want himself speaking to young conservatives either.

Alluding to the Koch-Brodkorb scandal, Dean suggested party leaders don't want him talking about morality because they're so mired in immorality themselves. He characterized the students' willingness to host him in spite of the MNGOP's threats as a sign they can see through the party leadership's charade.

Here's a transcript of Dean's remarks (the audio can be found here):

[MNGOP leadership] sounds like they have something to hide, perhaps?... You have issues with the economy because you have immoral people working in government. That's why the economy is a mess, hello! Lie, steal, covet, cheat -- but let's not talk about that, let's not have Bradlee Dean and the crew come down [to St. Cloud]. I wouldn't want me there neither if I was [the MNGOP]. Because then somebody might be corrected and God forbid we bring about change! That's what the younger generation is saying no to -- 'we've had enough of your games, and we're going to get our country back.'

After all, even if the St. Cloud students really do end up blacklisted from MNGOP employment because they refuse to cancel Dean's appearance, it's not like that's such a big deal. Unable to pay rent, the MNGOP is probably not hiring right now anyway, so perhaps young conservatives will have better luck applying for work with Dean's You Can Run But You Can't Hide ministry.

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