Boy, Interrupted UPDATED


Jeremy, the 88 pound man recently profiled by City Pages, has entered treatment involuntarily at Methodist Hospital.

After receiving calls from Jeremy's family requesting a health and welfare check in the wake of the recent City Pages article, the Community Outreach for Psychiatric Emergencies paid him a visit at his condo on the 13th floor of a downtown Minneapolis high rise.

"After arriving, the COPE staff felt the patient was in need of emergency hospitalization and requested police support in transporting him to the hospital," reads a report prepared by a licensed clinical psychologist. "While allowing the patient to get his things from his apartment the police reported he attempted to jump off his balcony." (For his part, Jeremy says that he never tried to commit suicide by jumping off the balcony and that he was instead "turning off his grill.")

Upon being admitted to the hospital, Jeremy weighed just 85 pounds and stood 5' 7 1/2" tall. He had a critically low potassium level of 2.5, which can result in cardiac arrest.

A mental health screener talked to Jeremy's mother, who reported that she was "worried he's killing himself." His family was also "concerned as the holiday season approaches that Jeremy will 'gear up' and his suicidal ideation/intent will worsen," the psychologist's report testifies.

Jeremy was placed on a 72-hour hold--which he is still under as of this very moment.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Jeremy had a hearing in Hennepin County Court, where he was represented by a court-appointed lawyer. He had hoped to make his case that he has every intention to come in for treatment, but wanted to first take care of a few details, such as having his car winterized, and making arrangements for his mail.

Instead, the hearing was postponed a week to Wednesday, November 28.

Recently, I paid a visit to Jeremy during visiting hours at Methodist Hospital, where he is receiving treatment as he awaits his hearing. When I arrived, he had just come out of a shower and seemed comfortable in a robe. He was the only man in a room full of women receiving treatment for eating disorders.

Jeremy asked that I tell people how to reach him. He is at Methodist Hospital's Eating Disorder Institute.

He also asked that I post the url for his blog. In doing so, City Pages takes no responsibility for its contents, nor any of the claims made therein.

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