Boy, Interrupted: One Man's Struggle With An Eating Disorder (Web Extras)


Eating disorders destroy lives, and new research suggests that men are affected in greater numbers than was previously assumed. This week, Kevin Hoffman tells the story of Jeremy, a 36-year-old man who has struggled with the illness for most of his life.

Check out the accompanying audio slideshow, which features Jeremy reading from his private blog, and an additional photo gallery. Plus, download MP3 files of Jeremy telling his own story. You can also use the comment feature on this post to discuss your reaction to the story.

In His Own Words Hear Jeremy read posts from the private blog he has kept for the past few years.

* Part one (:25) Jeremy introduces himself and summarizes his adolescence. * Part two (:18) "I am not only starving for food, but also for human touch." * Part three (:45) "Some people say that the body is a temple. My body is a dungeon." * Part four (:35) A description of days consumed by an eating disorder. * Part five (:30) "If I ever make it through this eating disorder alive ... which I hope I do not ..." * Part six (:40) A harrowing description of the role vomiting plays in Jeremy's life. * Part seven (1:00) This series of blog entries track Jeremy's dropping weight and the specific physical consequences associated with his condition. * Part eight (:15) What Jeremy wants.

Elsewhere on the Web From Our Story * Our story references a recent Harvard study about eating disorders, the first national survey of its type. Here is a summary of the study's findings.

Eating disorder treatment in the region * Methodist's Hospital Eating Disorder Institute * Rogers Memorial Hospital's Eating Disorder Center * The Emily Program, an outpatient treatment program

National Eating Disorder Organizations * NEDA, the National Eating Disorders Association * Something Fishy, a pro-recovery website * National Institute of Mental Health's facts about eating disorders

UPDATE: In this week's cPod, Ward Rubrecht talks to Kevin Hoffman about the Boy, Interrupted story. Ward and I also speak about creating the audio slideshow as well as future plans for the site.

UPDATE 2: We have now posted a YouTube documentary of Jeremy filmed one year ago.