Boy dies after he's found hanging from clothesline in north Minneapolis

The North Side backyard where the boy was found.
The North Side backyard where the boy was found.
WCCO screengrab

Yesterday, a 10-year-old boy who was found hanging from a clothesline in north Minneapolis last Thursday was pronounced dead.

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The boy was found hanging by a neighbor in the backyard of an abandoned house on the 3200 block of Bryant Avenue North.

"So, I look this way and I see a little kid," the neighbor, Ethel Bonner, told WCCO. "I kind of jogged over this way and as I'm looking I thought he was laying against the pole like a little sad kid, but as I got closer I saw that he was hanging from the rope."

"When I came over, his feet were kind of crossed like this and he was just kind of limp this like," Bonner continued. "I had to kind of lift him and get the rope off his neck. His pulse was very, very faint when I got him off the rope."

According to WCCO, the boy lived in Georgia but had been in Minnesota visiting relatives for a couple of weeks.

Minneapolis police spokesman Cyndi Barrington said yesterday that investigators are trying to piece together what happened.

"Investigators today are reaching out to other children that were in the neighborhood at the time and had been playing with this little boy throughout the day," she told WCCO. "We don't know if they were with him when this happened -- there are a lot of unknowns."

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