Boy, 2, found wandering Hastings street with open Mike's Hard Lemonade in hand


It raises the question -- can a 2-year-old be charged with public intoxication?

Robert Rasset faces a child endangerment charge after his 2-year-old son was found wandering near 15th Street and Florence Street in Hastings yesterday afternoon with an open Mike Hard's Lemonade in his little hand.

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The boy, in fact, was double-fisting -- as KMSP reports, police found the child holding an open bottle of Mike's in one hand and an unopened one in the other.

[jump] Police eventually figured out that the boy is Rasset's child and went to his house, where they found him (surprise!) intoxicated. He had previously reported his son as missing.

The boy was wearing no shoes or socks when he was found as police followed up on a report of a child wandering around by himself. After his father was arrested, the youngster was sent to live with his mother.

According to KMSP, police don't know if the little guy actually drank any of the sauce. We hope he didn't, but let's face it -- if there's one alcoholic beverage in the world that would taste good to a 2-year-old's taste buds, it's without question Mike's Hard.

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