Bountygate: Former Viking Brad Johnson was a target

Players say Brad Johnson had a $15,000 bounty on his head.
Players say Brad Johnson had a $15,000 bounty on his head.

Apparently, Brett Favre was not the only Viking who had a price on his head thanks to disgraced defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

According to a sports reporter in D.C., while Williams was the assistant coach for the Washington Redskins, he offered $15,000 to any player that could knock then-Vikings quarterback Brad Johnson out of the game.

Johnson had himself once been with the Redskins and, according to other players on the team, Williams wanted to teach the traitor a lesson.

CBS sports reporter David Elfin spoke to several Redskins players whose names he withheld. They told him what they remembered about a particular Monday night football game in 2006.

According to their recollection, Williams walked into the locker room, dropped $15,000 on a table, and said, "Brad Johnson doesn't finish this game."

Despite some pretty juicy incentives, Johnson was only sacked once and the Vikings actually won. Naturally, none of the Redskins took home the cash and the anonymous players deny that they would have tried to hurt him on purpose.

Williams became the Saints defensive coordinator in 2009, and one of the Redskins told Elfin that he watched that fateful 2009 NFC Championship game when Favre took hit after ankle-shattering hit. NFL officials have revealed that the Saints were trying to knock him out of the game for reward money.

"I remember telling my wife that it was the same thing Gregg had asked us to do with Brad Johnson," says the anonymous player.

This week, the NFL banned Williams from the league indefinitely.

So, according to the info we have so far, it wasn't Brad Childress's fault, the Vikings have just been the singular target of Bountygate all these years. It all makes sense now!

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