Bostrom, Carter, and Helgen triumph in St. Paul races


Results from today's St. Paul City Council elections:

Ward 1: MELVIN CARTER 2633 57.50% DEBBIE MONTGOMERY 1932 42.19%

Ward 2: DAVE THUNE 2733 53.02% BILL HOSKO 2399 46.54%

Ward 3: PAT HARRIS 4369 86.29% GERALD MISCHKE 639 12.62%

Ward 4: TERRANCE BUSHARD 691 17.95% RUSS STARK 3115 80.93%

Ward 5: LEE HELGEN 2124 51.52% DAVID HAAS 1983 48.10%


Ward 6: DAN BOSTROM 2507 53.69% PAKOU HANG 2142 45.88%

Ward 7: JANINE KELLEY 689 28.26% KATHY LANTRY 1737 71.25%

I made it out to a couple of election night gatherings. Pakou Hang's supporters congregated at the Polish American Club. Melvin Carter's celebration took place at Arnellia's. Photos after the jump:

"Tonight it's the Polish-Hmong-American Club."

Hang's supporters were optimistic as the poll's closed at 8 p.m. U.S. Senate hopeful Al Franken was on hand, as was state Sen. Mee Moua. "I'm very nervous," conceded Moua. The results from several precincts that went Hang's way were announced from the stage. But by the time a comedian introduced as "the next Hmong Chris Rock" took the stage around 8:30, it was clear that Hang's campaign to unseat 12-year-incumbent Dan Bostrom was not going to be successful.

The scene at Arnellia's was a little more jubilant. Carter addressed supporters from the stage as his wife and daughter stood by.

Mayor Chris Coleman: "I am so thrilled with the decision that the voters of the 1st Ward made."

Franken was again in the house.