Boss Kelly

St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly sent out an interesting letter to the city's DFL'ers last week. The gist of the missive was that Kelly won't be seeking the party's endorsement at the April 30th citywide convention. This was no surprise given that the incumbent had no chance in hell of actually garnering significant support.

But the interesting part of the letter was Kelly's assessment of his two chief rivals, Chris Coleman and Rafael Ortega. The Mayor took numerous potshots at Coleman for failing to be a loyal DFL'er and then lavished praise on Ortega.

This obviously means one thing: Kelly believes Ortega would be a weaker opponent in the general election. The Mayor is hoping to sway DFL fence-sitters by highlighting Coleman's dodgy track record of party loyalty. (For starters, he backed Kelly four years ago over the DFL-endorsed candidate.)

We've posted Kelly's letter, along with his inane "fair campaign pledge," here.

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