Booze-free U of Minn. sporting events? Regents considering it


Minnesota legislators and Gov. Tim Pawlenty passed legislation into law that requires the University of Minnesota TCF Stadium to give cheap seats and suites the same access to alcohol. Now the University's Regents have to decide if that means all or nothing for booze at the new football stadium.

President Robert Bruininks plans to recommend that alcohol be banned at the on-campus stadium as well as all other campus sports arenas.

The University originally wanted to sell alcohol in the boxes, suites and club rooms of the stadium, about 5 percent of the stadium's seating. They said it would help them compete with professional sports arenas.

More from the Star Tribune:

"We had to make a judgment on how best to live with that," Bruininks said Thursday. "In the end, this is the best, most responsible, most principled position we can take."

The policy would also affect premium seating in basketball's Williams Arena and hockey's Mariucci Arena, where alcohol has long been served for free but not sold. Those venues would now go dry on game days.

No Big Ten school serves alcohol in its general seating and the U was not about to become the first, Bruininks said. Yes, fans could buy beer in the Metrodome, but with football returning to campus, the rules have changed.

Sounds like those fans in the suites will be joining the beer bong pre-parties on frat row before all of the games now.