BOOM!: Night-time explosions leave residents confused, annoyed


Are you a resident of south Minneapolis? Have you been woken out of your late-night slumber by sporadic booms and crackles outside your house/apartment, only to fall immediately back to sleep, and then--upon pondering the sounds the following morning--chalked the fragmentary memories to a dream or nightmare?

You're not alone.

In off-and-on spurts over the past three years, mystery explosions have rattled residents, particularly those close to the Mississippi River. The most recent spat has been going on since this summer. Today's Strib contains a write-up on the booms, but it raises more questons than it answers:

The last time police investigated the spate of explosions, in 2006 and 2007, they were finally able to determine the source: plain, old fireworks, most likely set off by teenagers.

This time, though, only about half can be explained away, said Lt. Dean Christiansen, who's coordinating the investigation in the Third Precinct.

Fireworks and exploding electrical transformers account for the explained half, "but for the rest, we just don't know," he said. "We can't explain it."

All sorts of theories have been posited. During the lead-up to the RNC, it was surmised by some that those wicked, scheming anarchists were honing their bombing skills. Or maybe pipes exploding. Sonic booms?

We don't have any answers either, but our instinct (experience) tells us it's probably a bunch of bored teenagers setting off those goddamned Drano bombs. (Remember those?)

Anyone know what's going on? Looking to come clean? Type your confession in the comments box.