Bookies betting on Brett Favre 'Crocs moment'

Bookies will take a bet on pretty much anything these days, including the odds on whether we'll see Brett Favre spanking his monkey in a pair of Crocs via text message.

Anyone want to put some cash on the line? Talk to oddsmaker Steve Ricci. He took a look at our favorite Purple quarterback's eventful off season and posted the spread.

Ricci's conclusion: Too close to call.

Revealing Brett Favre photo/video/text message to surface during 2010 NFL reg. season? Yes: Even No: Even

Favre plays all 16 2010 NFL reg. season games? Yes: +125 (5/4) No: -150 (2/3)

Deanna Favre legally separates or files or divorce during the 2010 NFL reg. season? Yes +400 (4/1) No -450 (2/9)

Brett Favre declares official retirement plans during the 2010 NFL reg. season? Yes +4000 (40/1) No -5000 (1/50)

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