"Boobies" get banned in Fairmont

Boobies bracelets will earn students a slap on the wrist.
Boobies bracelets will earn students a slap on the wrist.
Photo courtesy of Zenzi

There's a new kind of love that dare not speak its name in southern Minnesota. The love of boobies.

Officials have banned the word "boobies" from apparel in schools in Fairmont, deeming it offensive -- even if it's being used to promote breast cancer awareness.

The non-profit Keep A Breast sells rubber bracelets emblazoned with the slogan "I heart boobies" for $3.99 apiece on its website. They've become a hit with the same 18-and-under crowd that embraced Livestrong bracelets and Silly Bandz.

But Fairmont High School principal Lynn Manske banned the boobies when they popped up in classrooms last spring, and after a wild summer free to shout their love for boobies from every rooftop, her students have returned to school and the ban.

Manske called "boobies" a "slang word" that is distracting the students in her district's three schools.

"Boobies" have also become persona non-grata at schools in California, Washington and South Dakota.

But here's the best part of the turmoil: We get to hear buttoned-up school administrators across the country saying "boobies" on the national news.

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