"Boobies" banned in Wisconsin middle school, ACLU alerted

Banned in Wisconsin.

Banned in Wisconsin.

The "I Heart Boobies" breast cancer awareness bracelets that made Fairmont High School officials blush last September have now been banned at Wisconsin's Sauk Prairie Middle School.

And thanks to seventh-grader Kaisey Jenkins' older sister, the American Civil Liberties Union may ride to the rescue of kids who want to sport the cheeky rubber accessory from the Keep a Breast foundation. Its Madison office has been in contact with the girl.


School officials are not amused. All those kids tittering over the word "boobies" just wouldn't be appropriate, principal Ted Harter told the Wisconsin State Journal: "We looked at the bracelets, and there is a slang term. 'Boobies' is a slang term that we would not want students using in classroom discussion or teachers using in a classroom discussion."

At least he managed to say the word. When WCCO reported on the "boobies" brouhaha in Fairmont, anchors and reporters managed to get through the entire segment without ever uttering the forbidden word.

The debate is becoming familiar ground for the ACLU. Its Kansas City office asked a high school there to lift a ban on the bracelets in December. And in November, the group filed a lawsuit in November on behalf of two middle school students who were suspended for wearing the "boobies" bracelet.

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