'Body Wash Guy' allegedly stole $40,000 in soap, is really clean

Photo by mkw4114 on Flickr 

Here is a shoplifting addiction of note: soap. There's just something irresistible about the smell of clean clothes and clean bodies. A CVS store on Snelling in St. Paul is accusing one man, known as "Body Wash Guy" for $40,000 in losses. 

The man was caught multiple times with a jacket stuffed with laundry detergent and body wash. He admitted to selling the laundry detergent on the black market.

Get ready for the Grandpa joke: The store says they often caught the man in the act, but he also made several clean getaways. Har har.

More from the Pioneer Press:
Randy Sterling, 43, of St. Paul, has been charged with stealing large quantities of body wash, laundry detergent and deodorants from the CVS Pharmacy at 499 N. Snelling Ave.
The charges focus on burglaries Jan. 8 and 10, but Sterling has been so busy for so long that employees gave him the nickname, according to a criminal complaint. 
Sterling was seen and recorded on surveillance video at least eight times in two CVS stores, the Snelling-University Avenue store and one at 1040 Grand Ave., between July 29, 2008, and Jan. 10. 
"A pattern emerged where the Body Wash Guy entered CVS stores looking skinny, went to areas in the store where name-brand deodorants, lotions, liquid body washes and laundry detergents were stocked and left the stores looking as if he had gained considerable weight beneath his jacket," the complaint said.
Here are some instances of his shoplifting problem: 
Sept. 25: He had four 50-ounce bottles of Tide detergent 
Jan. 8: He allegedly left the store with 11 bottles of Tide 
Jan. 10: He took seven 100-ounce bottles of Tide 

Police said they caught him after the Jan. 10 incident and he admitted to stealing the detergent. He told them he could sell one bottle on the street for $5 or four for $20. He was arrested Monday afternoon and is being held at Ramsey County jail.