Body found encased in ice on Ham Lake golf course

Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Body found encased in ice on golf course

On Friday afternoon, a Ham Lake golf course groundskeeper made a scary discovery. A body was found encased in ice. Authorities worked into the evening Friday with industrial steamers trying to remove the body from the ice. Authorities believe the body was in the water for several months, probably before the first November freeze. The body has not been identified. How's that for preservation?

Math nerds are cool again

Apparently math clubs are experience a resurgence in urban schools. Could math geeks become cool again? We'll have to wait and see.

It's for the birds: Buildings start dimming lights

Big buildings around town are starting to dim their building lights to help save the birds. During migrations (March 15 to May 31 and from Aug. 15 to Oct. 31.) small songbirds migrate at night, guided by the stars, the horizon and rivers. Building lights can throw off a bird's route when they are flying lower and they can end up dazed. They'll often crash into the buildings or drop to the ground from exhaustion.

U of M administrators break policy in grad school restructuring

In the University of Minnesota's rush to announce plans to restructure its graduate school, administrators breached school policy and process, says the Minnesota Daily. The administration is expressing "regret" over how the restructuring was communicated to the public.

ALERT: Deer ticks like you more than turkeys

This column actually had a legitimate question about wild turkeys carrying more deer ticks into someone's yard, but the headline caught our attention: "Deer ticks prefer mammals to turkeys". We envisioned a really worthless University study, clearly breaking news.