Bob Stalberger scalps Twins tickets to finance wedding

It's a simple law of baseball economics: No matter how new the stadium, the prices of a ticket on the black market--legal or otherwise--increases or decreases with the team's fortunes.

When the Twins are doing well, season ticket holders can resell their seats for top dollar. And that's what Bob Stalberger of Wayzata was banking on.

Normally, I wouldn't care whether scalpers were making money or not, since I have deep and unhealthy loathing for and dislike the curt bastards who roam every corner buying and selling tickets.

But according to journalist Jay Corn, at the Lake Minnetonka Patch, Stalberger and his lady friend would like to get married and finance their big day with proceeds from the sale of their season tickets.

According to the piece, Stalberger hopes to make a cool $6,000 profit off the sale of his seats, though the Twins splitting a series with lowly Kansas City and dropping two of three to the A's won't help. Since the couple's getting married on May 7, that means the Twins need to pick up the pace, and in a hurry.

Intriguingly enough, Mr. Stalberger can thank our former guv and now presidential candidate, Tim Pawlenty, for being able to make such money on the up-and-up. Apparently, in 2007 T-Paw repealed a statute that prohibited people from selling tickets at more than face value. I'm sure he had those scalpers and Mr. Stalberger in mind when he did this, and not MLB or StubHub.

Random Notes: According to local raconteur Andy Sturdevant, the Twins "Fun Fact" on the giant scoreboard last Saturday night revealed that Delmon Young's favorite novel is The Great Gatsby.

That explains the Daisy Fay tattoo over his heart.

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