Bob Schuder kills two deer with one bullet


A northern Minnesota man found an effective way to save on ammo this weekend.

Hunting near Grand Rapids Sunday, Bob Schuder squeezed off a near-impossibly timed shot, bagging two deer with the same round. Apparently this isn't entirely unheard of, but it's pretty damn rare.

For Schuder, a 74-year-old who's been hunting since 1959, it was certainly a first.

"Unbelievable," says Schuder. "I felt a little amazed. I had heard of it happening before, but never talked to anyone it happened to."

At first, Schuder didn't even realize what he had done.

From 90 yards away, he thought he was shooting at a doe. But when he got closer, Schuder found a fawn dead, the bullet still lodged in its body.

This seemed a little suspicious. The bullet should have gone in and out of the fawn.

"I was sure I shot at the doe," says Schuder.

After field dressing his catch, Schuder spotted something white off in the distance. It was the doe he had been hunting.

The bullet had gone clean through the doe and then hit the fawn. The doe had made it about 20 yards before collapsing.

"I felt better in knowing that I hit the doe that I was shooting at," says Schuder.

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