Bob Ivers' campaign material is as nutty as you'd expect

If elected, Bob Ivers pledges to personally rid the streets of 'riff-raff,' which, thankfully, he knows when he sees.

If elected, Bob Ivers pledges to personally rid the streets of 'riff-raff,' which, thankfully, he knows when he sees.

Maybe Bob Ivers just isn't good in person.

Maybe Ivers gets nervous when the lights come on, the crowd stares at him, the room falls silent, and Bob feels pressure to deliver a compelling, attractive vision of his dreadful ideas about the future of Hopkins, Minnesota.

On the debate stage, Bob proved unable to avoid ranting about how people ("trash," he called them) from Minneapolis ("Welfareapolis," he called it) were going to take the light rail and shoot the sons and daughters of Hopkins, which he warned would soon be filled with "ethnics."

Maybe Bob would do better if he could sit down and write it out.


City Pages received images of Bob Ivers for Mayor campaign literature, which appeared on cars in Hopkins over the weekend. It is nuts! 

Ivers' top priority as mayor would be getting "tough on loitering, riff-raff, littering, and crime," adding, "I know it when I see it." 

Is Ivers proposing that he, as mayor, would go around arresting people who he thinks are "loitering"? Or would the Hopkins police just follow Bob around, so he could point out which "riff-raff" to arrest? Also: "and crime"? Isn't he sort of admitting the other things listed there are not actually crimes, just stuff done by people Bob Ivers does not like the looks of?

Other Bob Ivers ideas of note:

  • "Surprise inspections of all Section 8 housing."
  • "Investigate the busing of the mentally handicapped from subsidized Hopkins Village apartment tower to Mystic Lake Casino." 
  • "I want to designate Wednesday or Thursday night as a vibrant girls night out, complete with citizen street vendors, actors, strolling musicians, jugglers, clowns, etc. 30% discounts for women! Fun, fun, fun!"


Much less fun, fun, fun is the back side of Ivers' lit piece, where, naturally, he lists information about major American gangs: the Bloods, the Crips, the Almighty Vice Lord Nation, which, the mailer indicates, were obtained via Google search. Ivers then writes that Hopkins' "naive and sheltered" Mayor Molly Cummings and her "socialist hugging leftist sympathizers are putting out the welcome mat for" these gangs. 

If completed, Ivers says the Southwest  Light Rail Transit line would be a "limousine service" to St. Louis Park, Eden Prairie, and Hopkins, "making colonization" of the suburbs by "these gangs and their thug pals" a certainty.


This is all pretty awful, obviously, but we doubt most people who got this lit piece even turned over to the back side. Because once you know his campaign platform calls for criminalizing standing around and an increase in jugglers, who cares what else that asshole thinks?