Bob Dylan's toilet stench is blowing in the Malibu wind

Bob Dylan's toilet stench is blowing in the Malibu wind

Bob Dylan's Malibu, Calif. neighbors sure aren't proud to call the Minnesota superstar their neighbor. You probably wouldn't brag either if his toilet stank was wafting into your home and making your family ill, says the LA Times.

Neighbors say his portable toilet, used by his compound employees, is so smelly that they have installed giant fans to blow the smells back at Dylan, but the ocean winds can't be beat. The family says they are forced to sleep on different levels of the home to avoid the toxic fumes during particularly warm nights when the stink sticks in the air and dominates their house.

They say Dylan has ignored their pleas to fix the problem for more than six months. His employees and lawyers also aren't cooperating. What potty mouths.

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For more than six months, Dylan, 67, has ignored their pleas to remove the outhouse, the downwind neighbors say.

"It's a scandal -- "Mr. Civil Rights' is killing our civil rights," said David Emminger, whose home is directly behind the toilet -- which apparently is intended for use by employees of the entertainer, best known for 1960s-era protest songs.

Emminger and his wife have installed five industrial-sized fans in their front yard in an attempt to blow the odor back at Dylan. They say the fans are no match for the ocean breeze that sweeps across the singer's land, however.

Dylan, who has lived at his Point Dume compound for more than two decades, did not respond to inquiries about the toilet. Neither did his New York-based attorney. Malibu officials said they were investigating the complaint.

The LA Times story doesn't have a photo of the outhouse, but caught an porta-potty chemical truck leaving his residence.

Malibu municipal laws don't discuss porta-potty use, but one code prohibits objectionable odor "in excess of what is normally found in the neighborhood."


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