Bob Dylan is this year's version of the Lizard People [VIDEO]

Blowin' in the recount.

Blowin' in the recount.

Remember the Lizard People, the mysterious write-in candidates who added one more layer of weirdness to the Al Franken-Norm Coleman Senate race recount battle in 2008?

Thanks to the ever vigilant folks at The UpTake, we have a worthy successor: Bob Dylan. Hibbing's favorite son showed up as a write-in candidate for a judicial post in Ramsey County.


Naturally, Tom Emmer's recount watchdogs challenged the ballot. Illegal marking, they said. Can't be having that. Especially since, if you turn the ballot over, one can see the voter marked Mark Dayton down for governor.

Sound familiar. In 2008, Lucas Davenport wrote in "Lizard People" for his Senate write-in, but also filled in the oval for Al Franken. The state Canvassing Board determined that it was an overvote and tossed it.

Emmer still trails Dayton in the recount by almost 9,000 votes.