Bob Dylan childhood poem up for sale 52 years later


Former Herzl Herald editor Lisa Heilicher had a secret hidden under the "Z" heading in an encyclopedia she owned: a poem written by Bob Dylan in the summer of 1957.

The poem, called "Little Buddy," was published in the Herzl Camp newspaper.

Dylan, who was known as Bobby Zimmerman at the time, must have been a lonely, depressed camper. His poem tells the story of a sad child mourning their dead dog. What a skippy little camp poem topic, right?

The poem, handwritten on white paper, will be auctioned off next month. It is expected to sell for up to $15,000.

The poem will be up for auction on June 23 in a Christie's auction. The money will go to the camp in Webster, Wis.

Here is an excerpt from the poem:

"A drunken man got mad at him / Because he barked in joy / He beat him and he's dying here today / Will you call the doctor please / And tell him if he comes right now / He'll save my precious doggy here he lay / Then he left the fluffy head / But his little dog was dead / Just a shiver and he slowly passed away."
The funny part of this whole ordeal: Heilicher doesn't really even like Dylan's music:
The 67-year-old doesn't own any of Dylan's albums, and she has never seen him perform live.

"I think his songs are depressing," Heilicher said. "His voice reminds me of when we got laryngitis at camp."

Dylan's nieces and nephews work at the camp and told him about the auction. His response? "Do what you want with it."