Bob Davis says Clear Channel vetoed talk critical of new Vikings stadium

Davis (left) says he didn't have freedom of speech when it came to the Vikings stadium.
Davis (left) says he didn't have freedom of speech when it came to the Vikings stadium.

Months after he was fired by Clear Channel-owned AM 1130, Bob Davis is podcasting up a storm on his website. And in his latest show, Davis drops an interesting tidbit about why he and Tom Emmer didn't talk more about the Vikings stadium during the halcyon days of Davis and Emmer.

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Davis says he and Emmer were pressured by Clear Channel management not to speak critically of the stadium deal. Specifically, he says execs threaten to fire Davis and Emmer program director Andrew Lee if they didn't comply with the order.

Davis dropped that nugget after mentioning that he and Emmer at one point planned to interview two economists critical of publicly financed stadiums on their AM 1130 show, but were vetoed.

Here's a transcription of what Davis said (listen to the audio here -- the transcribed portion begins at about the 26:00 mark):

[The conversation with the aforementioned economists] was the interview that Tom and I were going to do during the Vikings stadium deliberation, and we were told we couldn't talk about the Vikings anymore. We couldn't talk about the Vikings stadium anymore. And we said, 'Well, what will happen if we do that? Are you going to fire us?' And [Clean Channel management] said, 'No, we'll fire Andrew Lee, your program director. We'll get rid of him.' And here's a guy with kids and everything else.

So for those of you that wondered why we didn't talk about the Vikings stadium, that's why. They told us not to. That's Clear Channel for you...

Stadiums are the dumbest thing there is. Building stadiums with tax dollars, cities getting involved to build stadiums does not generate economic growth.

Another Clear Channel-owned station -- KFAN -- is the radio home of the Vikings.

h/t -- Caleb Kirkeide

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