Bob Davis, on Davis & Emmer show, says Newtown shooting victims can "go to hell" [AUDIO]

Emmer: Pro-gun control Newtown families are "pawns" of "political charades."
Emmer: Pro-gun control Newtown families are "pawns" of "political charades."

Bob Davis had some heinous things to say to victims of those impacted by gun violence during Friday's installment of AM 1130's Davis & Emmer show.

:::: UPDATES ::::
-- Bob Davis offers up non-apology for outrageous Newtown comments [AUDIO]
-- Atomic Data pulls support from Davis & Emmer show following Davis's Newtown remarks

When the topic turned to how some of those affected by December's mass school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, have become gun control advocates, Davis said, "I would stand in front of them all, and tell them, 'Go to hell.'"

"Well, they're being used," Emmer replied. "It's probably one of the worst, ah, political stunts you could do is to use the victims of the tragedy."

Here's a full transcript, followed by the raw audio (the transcribed portion begins around 6:20):

[DAVIS] And here's the other thing that drives me crazy. They trot out the victims. And I have something I want to say to the victims of Newtown, or any other shooting. I don't care if it's here in Minneapolis or anyplace else. Just because a bad thing happened to you doesn't mean that you get to put a king in charge of my life. I'm sorry that you suffered a tragedy, but you know what? Deal with it, and don't force me to lose my liberty, which is a greater tragedy than your loss. I'm sick and tired of seeing these victims trotted out, given rides on Air Force One, hauled into the Senate well, and everyone is just afraid -- they're terrified of these victims.

[EMMER] Well they're being used -- they're being used...

[DAVIS] I would stand in front of them and tell them, 'go to hell.'

[EMMER] It's probably one of the worst, ah, political stunts you could do is to use the victims of the tragedy.

[DAVIS] And they fall for it every time!

[EMMER] Well, you know what, they're in a bad place, Bob.

[DAVIS] I don't care!

[EMMER] I understand, but you have to understand that these people might not realize until years later that they've actually been pawns of these political charades when it comes to issues like this.

[DAVIS] But someone has to tell them: Listen, I realize you have a problem. I realize you're a victim. But that doesn't entitle you to take my liberty. Why can't we just say this?

As you'd imagine, almost all of the more than 50 comments left on AM 1130's Davis & Emmer podcast page as of yesterday evening blasted one or both of the hosts. Here's an unedited sampling of some reactions:

"Davis and Emmer and your station should be ashamed of the callous stance taken about guns and Newtown. Two angry men, who also care nothing for the pain their words cause. No one is bothering your 'liberty' nor do you have a 'king'. Two immature men who seem smugly satisfied with the venom they spew. I hope your sponsors bail on you as fast as they can and your show vanishes. You help nothing with your hate."

"Appallingly insensitive comments on the Newtown deaths. How does a person get to fall so low?"

"Most unbelievably insensitive thing I have heard, I will NEVER listen to this station again and will encourage all my friends and acquaintances to do the same."

"Mr. Davis, my hope is that you said such things simply for the shock value and to attract attention to your PATHETIC radio show. But if it wasn't, and these are ACTUALLY your feelings and thoughts, then you are the most DISGUSTING Human Being walking this earth. Your lack of human decency and common sense is staggering..."

"Are you completely devoid of empathy and basic human compassion? Your comments about Newtown are despicable."

And to think that one half of this dynamic duo came within 9,000 votes of becoming our governor less than three years ago.

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