Bloomington sub teacher Laura Avery convicted of beating up, swearing at fifth-graders

Yes, substitute teaching is a thankless and stressful job. But still.
Yes, substitute teaching is a thankless and stressful job. But still.
Laura Avery

Today, Hennepin County Judge Lyonel Norris convicted former Bloomington substitute teacher Laura Avery, 60, of four counts of malicious punishment of children for going into meltdown mode while trying to deal with a bunch of fifth-graders last year.

THE BACKSTORY: Bloomington sub teacher allegedly went berzerk, told 5th graders she's "tired of this fucking crap"

While subbing at Bloomington's Oak Grove Elementary on December 13, 2012, Avery, a licensed teacher for more than 25 years with no previous history of misconduct, "began cursing at her [fifth grade] classroom full of students when they were acting up," KARE reported at the time. Things only got worse from there.

According to a WCCO report, before the day was through, Avery told students she was "tired of this fucking crap" and "didn't give a fuck" about their names.

But the ugliness went beyond verbal abuse.

A Hennepin County release details how Avery got physical with at least four students:

Judge Norris found that Avery kicked 11-year-old L.S. in the shin as he walked to recess. It raised a bruise and the student spent the afternoon with a school health associate. Judge Norris found that Avery pulled the hair, slapped the face and grabbed the throat of 10-year-old K.R.T. A 10-year-old, identified as E.G., was escorted to a quiet room by Avery and she grabbed him by the neck and pushed him into the room. Ten-year-old T.S. also was escorted to the quiet room and Avery grabbed his left shoulder, causing him immediate, sharp pain. Photos taken several hours later showed red marks on the front and back of his shoulder, according to the judge's findings.

Other than that, the day went smoothly!

Avery faces a year behind bars for each of the four counts. Her sentencing hearing hasn't yet been scheduled.

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