Bloody Monday hits Minnesota too

Bloody Monday hits Minnesota too

Photo courtesy of Surviving Economic Loss

It's being called "Bloody Monday" by the national media as companies across the country are slashing payrolls today. Nationwide, at least 68,000 job cuts were announced today alone.

According to CNN: More than 200,000 job cuts have been announced so far this year, according to company reports. Nearly 2.6 million jobs were lost over 2008, the highest yearly job-loss total since 1945. None of the major cuts came at Minnesota companies, but some are still feeling the pinch of the bad economy.

Check out the list below.

Polaris: The Medina-based company is cutting 460 jobs. The layoffs include 160 full-time positions, or about 5 percent of its workforce.

HCMC: The local hospital will cut 100 jobs by the end of February

Hutchinson Technology: Hutchinson company closes Sioux Falls, S.D. plant and laying off the 300 remaining employees.

Andersen Corp: Bayport door and window company laid off another 160 employees.

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