Blizzard may wipe out the Minneapolis snow-removal budget

Minneapolis is declaring yet another snow emergency, but the money for snow removal is already drying up according to Mayor R.T. Rybak's spokesperson.

"This will probably exhaust the snow emergency budget for 2010," said John Stiles from a press conference declaring the second snow emergency.

Since the plows are planning to hit the streets yet again to clean up the weekend's mess, there's currently no final tally on the financial impact of the storm. However, according to Stiles, it's probably going to take a dip into Minneapolis's contingency fund to pay for complete clearance of the roads.

The city budgeted $7 million for snow removal in 2010, but Public Works employees were already wary in early December that the money was not going to go far enough. That mid-November blizzard put city employees on alert that there could be a problem if December was unusually snowy.

Seventeen inches in one day probably qualifies as unusual, especially since it popped the Metrodome.

We'll keep updating as we learn more.

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