Blizzard fallout forces Minneapolis Public Schools to close

Streets and sidewalks are still a mess.

Streets and sidewalks are still a mess.

More fallout from Saturday's blizzard: Minneapolis Public schools alerted parents early Monday morning that all district schools will be closed for the day on Monday.

Besides epic amounts of snow making driving a challenge in many neighborhoods, the district also cited today's forecast of severely cold temperatures for the move. St. Paul made the call to cancel classes last night.


Don't want those little kids turning to popsicles at the bus stop.

This is undoubtedly happy news to every kid in the public schools -- except maybe the ones who will now be forced into snow-shoveling details. It's a safe bet that thousands of working moms and dads are now scrambling to figure out how to handle the last-minute schedule change.

Along with classes, all related MPS activities are affected, including sports.

For a region-wide list of school closings, go here.