Bleacher Report writer flips out on MinnPost's David Brauer


Wow. Just wow.

That is the only possible response to the Epic Comment left on BrauBlog by a writer for The Bleacher Report.

I'll explain the origins of this incredibly weird feud later in the jump, but first, allow me to whet your appetite with a taste of the Epic Comment. Please to enjoy:

This is false. You owe me a correction and an apology, based upon professional journalistic ethics. You are to tell the truth. The headline and the theme of this column suggest something I did not write. As a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, I know its code of ethics well, and you have fallen short.

Wow. Just wow.


This all began over Brett Favre.

David Brauer, a media critic and former sports writer, described Favre's recent flirtation with unretirement as "diva-like".

This drew a jab from Glenn Franco Simmons over at The Bleacher Report:

Perhaps one of the worst insults an NFL player could receive would be for a "local media and political" commentator to venture into sports and use an effeminate phrase to describe a tough guy.

Yet that is exactly what David Brauer of did while writing about the's new Favre Web page on its Web site.

Brauer took mock offense and put up a facetious response on BrauBlog this morning, headlined "Oh my God! I insulted Brett Favre's manhood!" :

I may be in retirement, but I was practically the king of minor sportswriters in this town! The king, I tell you!

I must admit I don't really understand what Simmons is saying in the rest of his piece ... but will only linger, like the fat lady singing, to defend my publication, whose sports headlines he also mocks.

Yes, it's true our current headlines lean heavily toward bicycling right now, though Simmons ignores posts from Aaron Gleeman (MSNBC!), Pat Borzi (New York Times!) and Steve Aschburner (Sports Illustrated!).

I may not be fit to carry their macho, macho jocks, but I'll protect my guys like a mother hen protects her chicks!

Which brought our man GFS to the comments, where he authored the most Epic Comment in the history of media pissing matches.

Behold its majesty!

As I noted in your column, I did not know if you were a sports fan, and I also said IT DIDN'T MATTER.

Your headline and some of your commentary offer a false and misleading impression of what I stated, and I expect a correction.

Your juvenile response is not becoming of you, especially when you consider my post of today, titled, "Is Favre a Latter-Day Narcissus?" ...

Please read and comprehend before you go flying off with accusations that are ridiculous. If you followed me on Bleacher Report for the past year, you would have seen numerous columns critical of Favre.

Thank you for your consideration.

Wow. Just wow.