Blazing mattress terrorizes unsuspecting SUV; humans unhurt

On the one hand it's easy to think, "How could this lady from Wisconsin not have seen a mattress sitting smack dab in the middle of Interstate 494?" Was she sober? Was she rockin' out to Lady Gaga? What? But think about it some more. It's not as if one expects to see, while rocketing through the suburbs in an SUV, bedroom furniture laying prone on the asphalt. Either way, Kathleen Rich plowed over the mattress and carried on down the road.

More from the Strib:

"I saw the car ahead of me drive over it," Rich recalled. Unable to change lanes amid heavy traffic to avoid the mattress, Rich said, "We bounced a lot and thought, 'Oh, good, we got over it.'"

But she and her friend, Marcia Rodgers, couldn't then figure out why drivers were looking at them, flailing their arms. What, is there a car on fire or something?

Well, yes. Their's was on fire. When they finally pulled over on an exit ramp and opened their doors, the SUV, and the mattress they had unwittingly been dragging underneath, burst into flames.

Rich later told the Strib she was happy to be alive.

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