Blaze Schultz, Stillwater resident, allegedly stole $600 worth of gift cards intended for the needy

Blaze Schultz is the Reverse Robin Hood.
Blaze Schultz is the Reverse Robin Hood.

If the allegations are true, Stillwater resident Blaze Schultz should be having a hard time looking himself in the mirror right about now.

Schultz, 22, is in jail and charged with gross misdemeanor theft and receiving stolen property after stealing $600 worth of gift cards intended for the needy from the office of Rev. Steve Molin of Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Stillwater.

Shultz and a 19-year-old female friend went on a shopping spree following the theft, buying cellphones, food, sleeping bags, and clothing. Perhaps they had a rugged camping excursion planned?

According to the Pioneer Press, Molin routinely distributes gift cards to people who visit him at the church and say they need assistance meeting basic needs. Schultz dropped by and received a gift card from Molin in late January or early February. He then returned to the church last Sunday, presumably to ask for more help.

Schultz's 19-year-old friend waited in the car while Blaze went in to ask the reverend for a card or two. She told police that Schultz "returned moments later with approximately 30 gift cards." It's unclear how the theft went down, though Molin told police he kept his stash behind some books on a shelf in his office -- a fact presumably not lost on Schultz after his initial visit earlier this winter.

Molin discovered the theft Tuesday and reported the cards stolen. Shortly thereafter, Schultz used a stolen card at a Holiday station in West Lakeland Township, and police, with the aid of the gas station's security footage, were able to track down the reverse Robin Hood from there.

We don't presume to be the morality police, but Schultz should probably hit his knees and offer up some forgiveness prayers next time he's at Our Savior's. Sure, we all make mistakes, but stealing gift cards intended for the needy and using them for a shopping spree? That's a Deadly Sin if there ever was one.  

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