Blake Buck attaches engagement ring to fish; girlfriend reels in fiancé

Blake Buck and his buddy came up with a proposal for the ages.
Blake Buck and his buddy came up with a proposal for the ages.

Only in Minnesota.

Last Saturday, Blake Buck took his girlfriend Kellie O'Leary ice fishing on Otter Tail Lake near Fergus Falls. She ended up reeling in a fiancé.

Buck and his buddy, Mike Metzger, concocted an elaborate plan to have Kellie reel in a fish with the engagement ring attached, and the friends pulled it off without a hitch.

According to the Fergus Falls Journal, Buck and Metzger set up two ice houses on the lake. Buck took his girlfriend to fish in one, while Metzger, with scuba gear on, sat in the other.

Buck told O'Leary that he wanted to see if fish were biting for other anglers, but he really went into the temporary house to tell Metzger he was ready to pop the question. Metzger then jumped in the lake, swam about 70 feet to Kellie's fishing hole, attached a rubber fish with the ring to her lure and gave it a tug as if she had a bite.

Buck was so confident the plan would work that he even used the actual engagement ring in the ruse. Metzger said he "tried to convince Blake to use a dime store ring" to no avail.

Understandably, O'Leary was baffled to reel in a less-than-lifelike fish with an engagement ring attached.

"He asked me to marry him and I saw 'yes' three times, but I really just wanted to know how he did that," she told the Journal, adding that she immediately called her mom and told her she "caught a fiancé."

You won't find a better or more Minnesotan proposal than that.

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