Blair Walsh gets cut, and the Twitter jokers pile on

Blair Walsh's missed kicks cost him a job... and a bunch of Twitter users can't let it go.

Blair Walsh's missed kicks cost him a job... and a bunch of Twitter users can't let it go. Star Tribune

 Blair Walsh was a weekly punchline for some Minnesotans even before he got cut by the Vikings. 

A couple months ago, after Walsh missed kicks during a Vikings game -- a win! -- against the Carolina Panthers, someone took out a Craigslist ad looking to hire a new kicker for the team.

That was a one-off, but each weekend, Walsh's issues converting makeable field goals and extra point attempts became a Sunday afternoon circle joke-off for Minnesota fans on Twitter. Now that Walsh is off the team, a bunch of people felt the need to kick a kicker when he's down.

Here's the infamous clip of Walsh missing what would've been the game winner against he Seattle Seahawks in last season's playoffs.

Other people tried to take Walsh's recent ineptitude and apply it to other aspects of his life. Haha!

These are plays on words.

This is not a real Blair Walsh quote.

Some people made political jokes. Nice and topical. They will be hired by Saturday Night Live by Friday.

Here's someone who was looking forward to a bad Thanksgiving. Hey, don't worry pal, there's still time. Try bringing up politics?

Here's a GIF-based joke at Walsh's expense. In Portuguese!

Some people made jokes about kickers in movies.

A lot of people were waiting on one last burn from comedian Nick Swardson, a regular tweeter about Walsh's troubles. Swardson, a Minnesota native and a huge Vikings fan, took the high road.

And, because Twitter's Twitter, some guys felt the need to take their jokes direct to Walsh.

 A quick perusal of the people writing directly to Walsh finds the vast majority of Vikings fans are taking his exit gracefully, thanking him for years of a good attitude -- and a bunch of made kicks -- and wishing him good luck in the future.

More than one person has wondered how that future might somehow come back to haunt Minnesota. After all, no one thinks it's Blair Walsh that's cursed...