Blagojevich didn't put Senate seat on eBay, but everyone else did

Photo courtesy of eBay 

Earlier today we reported on Gov. Tim Pawlenty's little joke about Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich:

"I think the only thing he seems to have stopped -- stopped short of is putting it on eBay."
We're not sure if he ripped off his joke from eBay sellers or vice versa, but apparently people are quite excited to "sell" President-elect Barack Obama's Senate seat to the highest eBay bidder. One Senate seat, slightly worn, says the Associated Press.

More than a dozen people have put up the Senate seat for the top bidder, ripping on the Governor's attempt to sell Obama's seat for personal gain. 

Check out the list of seats up for sale on eBay. 


More from the AP:
The offers popped up on the Internet auction site after Blagojevich was accused Tuesday of trying to benefit financially from his power to appoint a Senate replacement to President-elect Barack Obama. 
Daniel Finnegan, a student at the University of Georgia, said he started an auction because he's "extremely upset about what happened" and wants to voice his opinion. 
Finnegan says he's glad others posted similar auctions so the accusations against Blagojevich don't go unnoticed.