Black Lives Matter yard sign in Minneapolis inspires poorly written threat

This is hard to read. No, literally.

This is hard to read. No, literally. FriedArt (flickr)

Someone living in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis should be concerned. 

Concerned, first, for the safety of his or her household. 

And secondly, concerned about the abhorrent spelling one of his or her neighbors exhibited in a threatening letter. 

An image uploaded to the photo sharing site Imgur Wednesday morning is labeled as having been delivered to a "Longfellow resident," whose front yard bears one of the commonly seen Black Lives Matter signs. 

The letter is badly written in every sense of the word. For starters, the penmanship would make a Catholic school nun tear her habit to shreds. The very second line, after "DeaR NeIGHBoR," appears to be a proper name. 

But the words written -- "ASAWT KUWKLAR," it looks like to us; take your own best guess -- are unrecognizable even to Google. Maybe this is why the letter writer followed these words with a question mark. Like, "Does this look like words to you?"

The letter continues: 

Please remove the racist
Sign in your yard
BLM is a racist terrost [sic]
Group and will not be
Tollerated [sic] in this neighborhood
Please do this now
So no further action
Against you will be
Nessary [sic]
Thank you
The Good [Editor’s note: Goop?] People

It's like if Donald Trump's biggest, most racist-est fan wrote beat poetry... after seven shots of moonshine. 

Is this a real threat? A hoax to stoke the flames?

In a strange way, no matter what, it's an authentic artifact of 2016. If this was written by some white guy or gal who lives in south Minneapolis, then yes, this is the state of racial discourse in America.

If it was written by a Black Lives Matter sympathizer to make the other side look bad, then that means this gibberish is what those folks think their opponents sound like.

The lines have been drawn, the declaration of war set down. Choose your side, Minneapolis. Are you with the "terrost" Black Lives Matter sign folks? Or do you cast your lot with The Goop People?