Black Lives Matter St. Paul leader threatened by "armed white supremacist"

Police found Rashad Turner shaking and very frightened, but no sign of a gunman

Police found Rashad Turner shaking and very frightened, but no sign of a gunman

Black Lives Matter St. Paul leader Rashad Turner says an "armed white supremacist" pounded on his apartment door and tried to break it down in the early hours of Wednesday morning. 

Looking through the peephole, Turner saw a man carrying a elongated object, possibly a shotgun. He crept away from the door and called 911, fearing for his and his family's lives, according to a Facebook post Turner published Wednesday. 

He quietly called 911. With officers en route, commander Paul Iovino told Turner, who says he's received death threats in the past, to shout "Police are here!" Turner reports the man left after he yelled this preemptive message.

Despite an expeditious arrival on the scene, police were unable to locate the man after checking the entire building. Turner wrote on Facebook that the man broke the door frame during his attempt to gain entry. However, it remains unclear if there was any damage done. 

Officers found Turner shaking and very frightened. 

Turner told the Pioneer Press he was unable to give a description of the man because “when I saw the gun through the peephole, I kind of got tunnel vision.”

"My family and I are safe," Turner wrote. "If they kill me I know that the movement will still go on and you all will continue to fight for Black liberation."

Earlier this week, Black Lives Matter St. Paul, which is not a recognized chapter of the movement, announced plans to hold a “nonviolent shutdown action” at the Red Bull Crashed Ice event on February 27 if its demands aren't met by that date.

Many of the demands revolved around the case of St. Paul Police Department Sgt. Jeff Rothecker, who had posted on Facebook that drivers should run over Black Lives Matter protesters with impunity. Rothecker is currently on administrative leave while internal affairs conducts an investigation.  

Turner, who has also announced that he intends to run for the state House of Representatives this year, told the Pioneer Press he will meet with St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman sometime Friday to discuss the Crashed Ice protest plan.