Black Lives Matter Planning MLK Day March in St. Paul Monday

The route for the four-mile march is not being released

The route for the four-mile march is not being released

On Monday, nearly 2,000 people are expected to march through the streets of St. Paul for four miles in a demonstration honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Organizers are not releasing the route, so nobody really knows what roads will get shut down, but they did say they are working with the St. Paul police department to ensure everyone's safety. See also: 10 Organizers Charged for Roles in Mall of America Protest

"We'll have programming, including songs and opportunities for people to get water and snacks," says Lena Gardner of Black Lives Matter. "It's a long walk, but it should be a family-friendly atmosphere."

The march begins at the corner of Snelling and University avenues at 1 p.m. There's a Green Line stop at that intersection and it's serviced by the 16 and 21 bus lines.

Nekima Levy-Pounds, a St. Thomas law professor who was charged Wednesday for her role in helping organize the Mall of America protest, says people should acknowledge Dr. King was more radical than he's remembered.

"There's this really 'feel-good' focus on his legacy, where we bring out the sanitized version of what Dr. King had to say -- the 'I Have a Dream' speech, non-violence, peace and harmony. But we forget about the other strengths of his message, which had to do with accountability and calling out inappropriate police behavior during that time.

"At one point he was the most hated and considered the most dangerous man in America, but I have yet to hear that mentioned in any of the celebrations that I have attended in mainstream society honoring his legacy."

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