comScore Wiggles the fetus lives

Wiggles was never in danger.

Wiggles was never in danger.

Pete and Alisha Arnold, the Apple Valley creators of and its online abortion poll, say their fetus will live.

Maybe this closes the books on one of the weirder local media conflagrations in recent memory.

Under the headline, We're Keeping the Baby, Alisha writes:


For those of you who have continued to ask about us after the final results were posted, we are indeed keeping the baby. Baby "Wiggles" is kicking and seems to be healthy so hopefully we will be able to bring a new life into this world in the spring. Thanks for your interest and we wish you all a wonderful and blessed holiday season!

Pete, whom we exposed as Zeeboid the right wing Internet troll, posted the results of their publicity stunt earlier this week. By roughly 75 percent, voters called for the coupe to abort their fetus. But after Pete expunged what he called fraudulent votes, the save-the-fetus crowd won the day by an equally impressive margin.

The Arnolds protested a little too loudly for days after their classless poll bubbled up into the national media consciousness that they really, honestly weren't trying to promulgate a hoax. Gawker interviewed them. CNN interviewed them. We tried to interview them.

The people spoke, but the Arnolds never intended to act.

The people spoke, but the Arnolds never intended to act.

Finally, as the spotlight grew a little too bright and hot, they admitted that they never had any intention of actually acting on the poll's results.

How surprising. But somehow we don't think we've heard the last of Zeeboid and the crew.

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