Birthday treat ban: Rosemount schools will be even less fun

Thursday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

No birthday treats: Rosemount schools will be even less fun

Schools in Rosemount just got a little more lame. Starting next fall, students will have to follow the "Birthday Treat Ban" which stops all birthday goodies from entering the school. They say it's a way to fight childhood obesity, allergies, and hurting feelings. We've got an idea: The cool kids should pack an extra lunch box full of treats and only pass them out to their favorite friends. You'll still have birthday treats and hurt even more feelings when you pick only your BFFs instead of the whole class. Problem solved.

Ex-Viking Eller out of the workhouse

Former Viking Carl Eller served his 60 days in the workhouse and is almost a free man. Well, sort of. He still has 60 days of electronic home monitoring, probation, and a $3,000 fine. Eller was sentenced for attacking police with inflammatory comments during a traffic stop.

U of M plans to cut energy consumption by making everyone responsible

There must be some big steps the University as a whole can take to decrease energy, but this time they are putting the responsibility on the people who use the campus. The University hopes to reduce the overall consumption by 5 percent by the end of next year. How do they think they will accomplish this? "Turning off computers at night; turning off lights when out of the room for more than 10 minutes, unplugging cell phone chargers that draw power unnecessarily and using stairs instead of elevators."

Watch out for the flying 102-pound shell

We're guessing most people don't live out in rural Minnesota to feel like they are in a military war zone. One couple learned that living near Camp Ripley isn't exactly the safest place to be when a 102-pound shell landed on their property. BAE Systems, a defense company, was testing weapons at Camp Ripley that ay and one of the rounds came flying onto their land, missing their house but damaging trees.

Woman pleaded guilty to ramming boyfriend's car 20 times

A woman in Raymond, Minn. admitted she rammed her Cadillac to ram into her boyfriend's car 20 times. The ramming pushed his car into a garage door and damaged another vehicle. She sounds like a real winner: "Sietsema had to be removed from the squad car, refused to submit to an Intoxilyzer test, plugged her ears with her fingers while the officer read her Miranda warning and made suggestive comments to the community service officer who was accompanying the officer."