Birdair promises Metrodome roof replacement by Aug. 1 [UPDATE]

The deflated Metrodome will rise again at the hands of the same company that built the stadium in the first place -- and the only one to bid on the project.

Birdair, based near Buffalo, N.Y., was awarded the contract to replace the roof when the Metropolitan Sports Faciity Commission met today.

When the commission published its original request for proposals, engineers estimated the repair work would cost about $18 million.

The post-blizzard damage.
The post-blizzard damage.

The major work includes replacing all the external fabric on the 10-acre roof, and the clamping system that holds everything in place. There had been talk about replacing select panels that failed or were damaged when the roof failed in the aftermath of the Dec. 11-12 blizzard, but in the end, engineers concluded the best course of action was an entirely new roof. Insurance ought to cover most of the expense.

The commission needs to have the work "substantially completed" by August 1. If that doesn't happen, the Vikings may be looking for a temporary preseason home.

Either way, the team's owners have used news about the decision to replace the Metrodome's roof as a chance to remind everyone they want a new stadium. Their lease on the dome, which Yahoo calls the worst stadium in the NFL, expires at the end of this season.


Video of the collapse:

VIDEO: Inside View of Metrodome Collapse:

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