Billy Nash blames the devil after stabbing his wife 120 times

Billy Nash is sentenced.

Billy Nash is sentenced.

Billy Nash had beaten the daylights out of his wife just the week before he came at her with the kitchen knives.

He wasn't even supposed to be in the house, per a judge's order. But Pauline, his wife of 24 years, the mother of their six children, made the same decision as many domestic abuse victims: She let her husband back in.


Maybe she thought the worst was over. But it wasn't. In the early hours of April 2, after an argument over money, Billy killed Pauline, savagely knifing her at least 120 times as she lay in the couple's blood-soaked bed.

Two of their daughters, awoken by their mother's screams, had watched the whole macabre attack. One, 18-year-old Brittany, ran from the house to get help. Thirteen-year-old Brianna managed to wrestled the knife away from her father.

When the cops arrived, the kids were in the yard. Billy was inside, near his wife's body. She was rushed to the hospital, but didn't survive.

"I'm sorry sergeant that you had to come out here tonight for this," he said. "She was driving me crazy. I killed the bitch."

He later pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. At the time, the medical examiner said there were 70 stab wounds in Pauline, a number that has since climbed steeply.

At sentencing yesterday, Billy was filled with remorse. He told the court his wife "was like the air I breathe" and that evil had overtaken him.

"I let the devil in my body and mind," he told the court. "Please pray with me that God forgives my sin."

Instead, his kids swore at him as Hennepin County District Judge Patricia Kerr Karasov handed down a maximum 40-year sentence and Billy was led away.

Homicide Location: 2400 block of Penn Ave. N.

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