Bill Simmons says Kevin Love has already decided to dump Minnesota

Will K-Love give us one more chance to make him happy?
Will K-Love give us one more chance to make him happy?

It's no fun to be dumped, but it especially sucks when it comes from someone you're really into. Unfortunately, the NBA intelligentsia is advising Timberwolves fans to prepare for the sort of heartbreak we haven't felt since our first love, Kevin Garnett, left town in 2007.

THE BACKSTORY: Kevin Love blasts T-Wolves management in interview

That's because our beloved K-Love already has his mind made up to move on as soon as possible, at least according to what Grantland editor Bill Simmons is hearing.

In a podcast recorded earlier this week, Simmons, ESPN basketball reporter Chad Ford, and Grantland NBA writer Zach Lowe spent a good bit of time talking about K-Love and his alleged desire to play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

"I'm sure you're hearing the same stuff -- everybody in the league thinks Kevin Love is out of there... in July 2015" Simmons told Ford, referring to the month Love can opt out of his contract, a sub-maximum deal that many NBA observers (and possibly Love himself) viewed as a bit of a slap to Kevin's face when he signed it back in January 2012.

"He is out of there," Ford replied.

"Everybody thinks he's going to the Lakers," Simmons continued. "People are talking about it like it's a done deal already... Minnesota has no chance to keep him."

Later in the show, Lowe echoed what Simmons and Ford said, but added that Minnesota fans shouldn't take it personally.

"I think more than anything else these guys wanna win, that's the bottom line," Lowe said. "If Minnesota was a 50 win team with a bright future Kevin Love is staying there, but they're not."

Fuel was added to the Love-is-leaving fire yesterday by NBA pundit Peter Vescey:

But Flip Saunders quickly took to Twitter to dispel Vecsey's "report":

Love wasn't traded today. In fact, during a media availability just before the trading deadline came and went, he tried to dispel some of the rumors:

But before you dismiss Simmons's comments, keep in mind that he and Love have been tight for years. Simmons, in fact, did a lengthy interview with Love for one of his podcasts a few years ago. So it seems unlikely someone who knows Kevin personally and has as much access as the so-called "Sports Guy" would just make something up and report it.

Nonetheless, judging by what he said today, Timberwolves fans should at least put on their best shirt and suck it in in a last-ditch effort to please Kevin. Because while his patience may be wearing thin, it sounds like the situation hasn't quite reached the point where we should reactivate our OKCupid profiles and begin the search for new love.

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