Bill Pulkrabek pleads not guilty in domestic assault case

Bill Pulkrabek: This is the face of an innocent man.
Bill Pulkrabek: This is the face of an innocent man.

Bill Pulkrabek, the alleged drunk, neurotic, cat abusing, girlfriend-hair-dragging former campaign manager for Michele Bachmann pleaded not guilty to domestic assault yesterday.

Pulkrabek, who is credited with launching Bachmann's political career 12 years and 50,000 stupid statements ago, is accused of choking his then-girlfriend Jill Samuelson -- not to be confused with Pulkrabek's wife, Lori -- and dragging her down the stairs and out of the house by her hair.

He's facing misdemeanor domestic assault charges in Chisago County Court, and yesterday, his lawyer told the judge Pulkrabek is an innocent man.
"My client plead not guilty, and we intend to aggressively defend him," Ryan Kaess said, reports the Oakdale Lake Elmo Review.

Aside from first encouraging Michele Bachmann to run for public office, Pulkrabek is also currently the Washington County Commissioner. On his website, Pulkrabek says it's "an honor to represent the people of Lake Elmo, Landfall, Oakdale." Surely, the feeling is mutual.

At the time of the alleged assault, Pulkrabek's wife Lori, an Oakdale City Councilwoman, said she and Pulkrabek had been in the process of divorcing for months. But Bill still features a prominent picture of the smiling, happy couple on his campaign website.

It's worth revisiting the incident -- which took place at the home of Brian LeClair, a former adviser to Tim Pawlenty -- if only to revel in the ridiculous details.

Pulkrabek's alleged freakout started after Samuelson borrowed his Estee Lauder Skincare. Apparently showing something of a split personality, this sensitive, face cream using fellow then turned into a caveman, according to the complaint:

"[Pulkrabek] threw her onto his bed by her hair. [She] claimed he then pulled her down the stairs and out of his residence by her hair. [She] said that she was held down when on the bed and Pulkrabek placed his forearm across her neck which hindered her abililty to breath."

Did we mention he's also responsible for Michele Bachmann's entire career?

Pulkrabek is facing up to $1,000 fine or 90 days in jail. No pretrial hearing date has been set.


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