Bill Pulkrabek domestic assault victim: Married GOP politico dragged mistress by her hair

Bill Pulkrabek, shown here in his mugshot after the Memorial Day domestic assault arrest

Bill Pulkrabek, shown here in his mugshot after the Memorial Day domestic assault arrest

"Male beat up female," reads the incident report from yesterday's domestic assault arrest of Washington County Commissioner Bill Pulkrabek, one of Michele Bachmann's early mentors.

But the full account of the incident, obtained from police by City Pages, provides a much more disturbing look at the violent 4:20 p.m. incident on Memorial Day.


According to the police report, the incident began with an argument between Pulkrabek and his girlfriend, whose name is redacted from the report in accordance with privacy law.

The fight turned physical when Pulkrabek hurled her onto his bed by her hair. Once he had her down, Pulkrabek put his forearm across her throat, cutting off her breathing and choking her nearly unconscious.

She fought back, trying to get him off, and kneed him, according to the police report. But Pulkrabek wasn't pacified. He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down the stairs and out of the building.

Initial press reports of Pulkrabek's arrest hinted that his alleged victim was his wife, Lori Pulkrabek, an Oakdale City Council member who is prominently featured on her husband's campaign website.

Lori and Bill Pulkrabek

Lori and Bill Pulkrabek

Not so, say the police. The woman who lodged the complaint isn't Lori, but rather Bill Pulkrabek's girlfriend--which means he's accused of domestically assaulting his mistress.

The Washington County Attorney Pete Orput isn't getting involved in this case in order to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest with a fellow elected official. He's passed the case on to the Ramsey County Attorney's office, which isn't expected to file charges against Pulkrabek until tomorrow at the earliest.

UPDATE: GOP mistress choking happened at Pawlenty adviser's house

Here's the Initial Complaint Report from the Woodbury Police:

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