Bill O'Reilly's producer calls palm trees in Madison "fact errors"

Fair and balanced.
Fair and balanced.

Bill O'Reilly would never slant the news to fit his agenda.

This man runs the "No Spin Zone," after all. So when Wisconsin's public employees were up in arms about having their union rights stripped away by Republican lawmakers, O'Reilly gave it to his audience straight: Angry leftists were getting violent.

To demonstrate just how rotten the Wisconsin union supporters were, "The Factor" put up video of supporters acting like loud, angry thugs--with palm trees in the background.

Now, it's true the earth's climate is changing, but we're pretty sure that things haven't warmed up to the point where mature palm trees are sprouting in Madison. Yet, there they were in the clip.

Not Wisconsin. Not labeled.
Not Wisconsin. Not labeled.

Turns out, the No Spin Zone had dropped in footage from a union demonstration in California.

But David Tabacoff, O'Reilly's producer, said at a media conference Wednesday in Madison that it was a "cheap shot" to suggest that Fox News would ever have used that footage to try to spin its coverage.

"That was a fact error piece of video that was run over a series of discussions regarding trouble in a number of areas. I just think that [the accusations] are a cheap shot," Tabacoff said. "Every shot in Wisconsin was labeled as Wisconsin."

But the shot from California was not labeled as "California."

Notch up a "fact error" for "The Factor." They report, you decide.

Watch this clip:

Watch Stephen Colbert mock O'Reilly:

And check out the nurse's union mocking the palm tree footage later:

O'Reilly vindicated! Palm trees in Madison.
O'Reilly vindicated! Palm trees in Madison.

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