Bill O'Reilly schools Jason Mattera on Al Franken ambush

We told you the other day about how Jason Mattera, a big star in right-wing media these days, tried to ambush Sen. Al Franken recently with some claptrap about the health care bill containing billions of dollars for monkey bars. Well, Mattera has pleaded his case to Bill O'Reilly at Fox News (see: big star in right-wing media), and O'Reilly -- no fan of Franken's -- suggested Mattera tone down his act.

"Senator Smalley was upset at me," Mattera says at one point.

"Senator Smalley?" O'Reilly says, interrupting.

"He was upset at me because ... he's not asked these questions by the mainstream media."

"Listen," O'Reilly says. "I don't care whether he's upset. I call him Stuart Smalley all the time. But you were interviewing him as a journalist, right? That's what you were doing. Not as just a guy on the street. You were trying to get information out of him, right?" (Video after the jump.)

"A journalist and a concerned citizen who, um, affected by his policies ..."

"The goal is to get information, right? Thew goal is to get information." O'Reilly interrupts again. "The mistake you made was, you were disrespectful for him, to him. You gave him a reason to blow you off."

Which Franken did. Here's the clip:

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