Bill O'Reilly: "Far-left" partied at media conference in Minneapolis

Having already sent a goon squad to ambush Bill Moyer, Bill O''Reilly dropped the other shoe with the debut of his reality-bending segment on the recent National Conference on Media Reform in Minneapolis.

"The far-left party in Minnesota" O'Reilly begins, before launching into a harangue about "the lunatic left." Then he unveils the evidence: a video montage from the conference. O'Reilly's crew managed to record a guy saying, "America is a racist, sexist, xenophobic society." But mostly what they recorded were attacks on Fox News. Lots of attacks on Fox News.

"By the way, our crew thought we were in physical danger at that conference," O'Reilly says.

Reverend Wright continues to be the Fox News boogeyman. Why is Fox News afraid of black preachers?

Best line from O'Reilly: "Juan, they want to shut Fox News up."

(Hat tip: Paul Schmelzer)