Bill Murphy, Winona State dean, allegedly took photos of naked male students in his office

Murphy was hired to Winona State's College of Business faculty in 1989.
Murphy was hired to Winona State's College of Business faculty in 1989.
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In September, Bill Murphy was fired from his position as dean of Winona State University's College of Business. On Friday, it was revealed he was terminated because he's a raging pervert.

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An independent investigation instigated by the school found that Murphy had inappropriate relationships with a number of male students and took photos of some of them in his office in various states of undress. He also downloaded a lifetime's worth of pornographic photos on his work computer.

Murphy hasn't been charged with any crimes, as all of the students involved were over the age of 18.

The Winona Daily News details Murphy's scandalous office photo shoots:

In some photos, the students were fully clothed, and in others they were shirtless. Several photos from 2009 showed one student in various states of undress, including naked from the waist down and facing the camera, according to the [school's investigative] report. In most cases, the students were standing in a particular corner of Murphy's office that was not visible from the outside.

The report detailed how Murphy built mentoring relationships almost exclusively with male students, meeting with them one-on-one in his office. The conversations often began with talk about the students' grades and future goals, but then moved into areas that made the students feel uncomfortable and violated, like discussing their insecurities, their relationships and their sex lives, the report said.

In one case, Murphy asked a student to describe his private parts, and asked the student to crouch on his hands and knees so Murphy could kick him, the report said. When the investigator asked Murphy about the incident, Murphy responded that he frequently gave the men what he called his "kick in the butt" speech to motivate them, but that it was never meant to be taken literally.

Though the school's investigation was completed on September 20 -- one day before Murphy was fired -- the release of the investigative report was delayed "because of an ongoing grievance process between the university and Murphy's collective bargaining unit," the Daily News reports.

As a result of that "grievance process," Murphy ended up receiving $3,500 of severance pay. His union sought $30,000.

Pays to be a perv, apparently.

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