Bill Maher on Brett Favre: Pee-pee wrong stalking [VIDEO]

Bill Maher links Brett Favre's woes to pathetic white males.
Bill Maher links Brett Favre's woes to pathetic white males.

HBO comedian Bill Maher has jumped on Brett Favre's alleged sexting woes, and turned the personal political by dragging Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin into the mess.

First he reminded his Real Time viewers about the Deadspin story claiming Favre had the hots for Jenn Sterger, but couldn't convert the play.

"When it was third and long -- though not as long as some of us may have imagined -- he sexted her pictures of Little Brett to close the deal," Maher said.

Then came the politics.

"To me, this story isn't really about sports or sex, or how necessary caller ID is. It's about how pathetic and clueless white American males have become. Because the kind of guy who thinks there are women out there who just cold want to see your cock is the same kind of guy who thinks Sarah Palin is swell and tax cuts pay for themselves."

How do you keep those white males happy? Maher says you serve them Palin, Michele Bachmann and Christine O'Donnell, "the lovely MILFs of the new right."

Here's the clip.

The Favre File:

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